Wet Mix Macadam Plant

The wet mix macadam plant we design and manufacture is technologically very advanced. Apart from the latest wet mix macadam technology in its design and functional features, the machine is compact in size and is easy to install. With the easy to operate and other advance features, the machine becomes capable of delivering a high quality mix. Designed and developed as per the requirement of international market, the plantcan be operated stationary or can be moved to required locations since it is quite portable. Till date, we have a number of satisfied customers located all over the world.


  • Modern Wet Mix Macadam Technology
  • Produces High Quality Mix
  • Portable or Stationary
  • High Production Rate
  • Easy to Operate
  • Highly Accurate Aggregate & Additives Feeder
  • Manufactured as per MORTH Specification

Four Bin Feeder

Single chassis construction, with a radial gate provided at each bin openable in any position to regulate aggregate flow, with individual endless belts below the gates to discharge material onto the gathering belt.

Vibrating Screen

A single-deck vibrating screen on the slinger conveyor removes oversize aggregates received from the 4-bin feeder.

Slinger Conveyor

An inclined conveyor with 600 mm wide belt mounted on idlers receives aggregate from the gathering conveyor and feeds it to the pug mill.

Pug Mill

A twin shaft pug mill mounted on antifriction bearing provides quick, continuous and homogeneous mix of aggregates and additives.

Water Tank

One water tank of 15 / 20 MT capacity each are provided, fabricated from steel plates with manhole, flow meter, pump etc.

Mineral Filler

Fabricated from steel plates, it feeds the required quantity of additives to the pug mill.

Control Cabin

A fully automatic control panel is provided to control quantity and quality of production, with operator sitting in air-conditioned comfort.


  • Variable Feeding Device can be provided for Belt Feeder.
  • Wet Mix Storage Silo.


  • All components used are of top quality, with ISI Certification wherever available.
  • All moving and electrical parts are provided with safety covers.
  • Ease of lubrication and dismantling has been built into the design for efficient maintenance and repair.
  • Fabricated parts are thoroughly cleaned and treated before painting.
  • Manufacturing is done with advanced, internationally recognised techniques.

Technical Specifications of our WMM Plant:

Model WMM-60 WMM-100 WMM-160
Output (TPH) 60 100 160
Cold Feed
Gathering Conveyor (mm) 600 600 600
Belt Feeder Width (mm) 500 500 500
No. of Bins 4 4 4
Bin Capacity (MT) 8 10 12
Slinger Conveyor
Conveyor Width (mm) 600 600 600
Capacity (cu.m) 1.4 1.6 1.9
No of arms 20 26 32
Water Tank Capacity (MT) 15 15 20
Mineral Filler Capacity (MT) 2 3 5
Power Requirements
4 bin Feeder (HP) 4 X 1.5 4 X 1.5 4 X 2.0
Gathering Conveyor (HP) 5 5 7.5
Slinger Conveyor (HP) 5 5 7.5
Vibrating Screen (HP) 0.5 0.5 0.5
Pug Mill Drive (HP) 15 25 50
Hydraulic Power Pack (HP) 3 3 3
Water Pump (HP) 2 3 5
Blower (HP) 2 2 3

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